Tel Aviv 

We’re Leading a Health Care Revolution

Be part of the technical team that’s building the future of healthcare. At K, we’re changing the face of primary care, creating a world where diagnoses are free and everyone has access to personalized, reliable data about their health. Our world-class R&D team in Tel Aviv is the driving force behind this revolution. 

“I’m constantly inspired by the people around me. To come to work every day and be surrounded by smart people who are passionate about what they do is incredibly refreshing.” 

Why Work at K

Our Tel Aviv R&D Office is home to some of the world’s smartest doctors.

A World-Class Innovation Team

Our Tel Aviv R&D team includes some of Israel’s most talented data scientists, developers, and engineers. Together, we are using big data and machine learning to provide people across the world with accurate and personalized information about their health—for free. Join K in our mission to connect everyone to smarter health information and quality virtual healthcare.

Meet the Team

Meet the management team driving our mission to improve consumer health care and save lives. 

Ariel Leventhal

General Manager, VP R&D

A seasoned research, product, and engineering leader with background in computational linguistics and probabilistic models. Also a practicing shiatsu and TCM therapist and teacher.

Israel Roth

CTO and Co-Founder

A software professional and entrepreneur, Israel cofounded Labgoo and has worked at startups acquired by Kodak and Xerox. 

Dr. Daniel Souroujon, MD

VP Medical Sciences

An engineer and data science guru, Dan led Israel’s Homeland Security software engineering branch. He has a BSc in computer science and an MD from Tel Aviv University.

Lior Kastel

VP Engineering

Lior is an experienced software engineer and product expert. He worked as a manager at Otonomo and cofounded MentAd (acquired by SocialCode).

Roy Malka, PhD

VP Data Sciences

Widely published, Roy is a leading medical analyst for academia. He has a PhD from the Weizmann Institute and has collaborated on patents for Harvard Med School and Mass General.

Tom Haramaty

Algo Team Lead

Tom is an expert in electro-optics, VLSI analog design, computer vision, and machine learning. He previously led a 3D-vision startup in California and opened its Israeli R&D branch.

Uriel Zecharia

VP Product

The former CEO of CastPlus, which boasts 30 million monthly listeners, Uriel is a talented product designer and entrepreneur.

Amelie Biegeleisen

Director of HR and Operations

Amelie is leading the growth and development of our R&D office in Israel. She brings 10+ years’ experience as cofounder of an NGO for at-risk youth. 

And we’re just getting started. 

Find a role and apply online. We can’t wait to meet you!

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