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Text with a doctor or nurse practitioner anytime, anywhere

Chat with a board-certified clinician on demand who can diagnose, prescribe medication, handle refills, and more for you and your children for $9/month (or $19 for a one-time visit).

Now offering on-demand pediatric care for ages 3+

Doctors available in select states

24/7 instant access to the care you need

When you or your kids are sick, you shouldn’t have to wait weeks to see a doctor. Urgent care is expensive and traditional primary care practices aren’t always accessible. With K Health, all those barriers disappear and you can text with a clinician on demand through our mobile app. So you can feel better, faster.


Text with a clinician—no insurance or appointment required

One-time visit

Not feeling well? Text with a doctor or nurse practitioner within minutes about yourself or your children* (ages 3+) for just $19. Your visit includes unlimited check-ins and follow-ups for 3 days.

*Pediatrics available in select states

Primary care membership

You and your family* are now always covered. Get unlimited access to doctors who can diagnose and prescribe medication, and unlock up to 80% Rx savings—just $9/month.

*Pediatrics available in select states

How it works

Tell K what’s bothering you

K uses AI to compare you or your child’s symptoms and medical history to millions of People Like You. Then, a board-certified clinician instantly gets K’s assessment and starts your conversation already briefed.

Connect with a clinician online, in minutes

Your care team can prescribe medication, give you referrals, order lab tests, write sick notes, or provide reassurance—all via text. Chat with an online doctor or nurse practitioner now for $19 or sign up for ongoing care through our Primary Care membership for $9/month.

Frequently asked questions

Do online doctors work?

Online doctors work great for non-emergency medical care. At K Health, our doctors are equipped to treat and prescribe for most medical issues, as well as anxiety and depression. Doctors are available 7 days a week, no appointment required.

What can an online doctor prescribe?

Online doctors can prescribe most medications. K Health’s doctors are able to prescribe antibiotics, allergy medications, pain relievers, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication. Online doctors cannot prescribe anything classified as a controlled substance.

What can an online doctor treat?

Online doctors can treat most conditions, including cold and flu symptoms, UTIs, allergies, headaches, rashes, sinusitis, abdominal pain, fatigue, and mental health conditions. Learn more about the conditions we treat here.

Can I chat with a doctor online?

Yes, you can chat with a doctor online. Our network of board-certified physicians are available via chat. They can diagnose, prescribe medication for treatment, issue prescription refills, and more.


Text with a doctor for less than a copay