Meet K, the free personalized healthcare app.


  • Chat with K about your symptoms

  • Learn how people like you were diagnosed and treated

  • Chat with a doctor for advice, diagnosis, Rx, or lab orders  

HealthTexting is promoting the use of K for your primary care needs. Use this LINK from your phone to download today!

What is K?

K is a new kind of healthcare app you can use to check your symptoms and chat with a doctor in minutes for free.


K uses powerful AI technology to ask important questions to investigate your symptoms. Within minutes, K compares how people with the same age, gender and symptoms were diagnosed and treated by doctors, based on millions of real health records. 


Chat with a board-certified doctor through the app for diagnosis, advice, and treatment, including orders for prescriptions and lab tests if needed.

You don’t need to be sick to use K.

K helps with common ailments too; like back pain, allergies, fatigue, or any symptom or known-condition you’re experiencing.


Need a second opinion? Ask K.


Curious about an embarrassing issue and don’t want to ask your primary care doctor? Ask K.

K is always available and never judges.

Ask K anything, really, anything* from the privacy of your phone.

*aside from pregnancy, orthopedic, pediatric or dermatologic related issues

What our users are saying

After chatting with Dr. Mordel on the K app, I was advised to go to the ER. Dr. Mordel created a report with my symptoms so I could show the ER doctor. I felt very well prepared to explain to the attending ER doctor what I was feeling, which was great because I didn’t waste time explaining my symptoms from scratch, (thus, spending less time in the ER), and the ER doctor was able to move more quickly with my case."  

"Such a great tool to use actually typed in my symptoms I was diagnosed with and got, the result I was diagnosed with. (Anxiety Disorder) way better than Dr. Google. What a great app. ***** all the way. 10/10 in my opinion."

I was in an emergency room last week with severe abdominal pain. Decided to test this thing out to see if it aligned with the doctor's. It correctly guessed Diverticulitis. I’ll be using this before googling all sorts of stuff next time."

Why Do Residents Like K?

  • Personalized.  Get personalized health information based on your symptoms, medical history, age, and gender 

  • Convenient. Mobile access to smarter health information and experienced doctors. No more confusing searches on the internet or inconvenient doctor appointments. 

  • Free. Symptom triage is always free. Take advantage of our free trial to chat with a doctor anytime, anywhere to get a diagnosis, prescription, lab test order or referral.

  • Trustworthy. K is built by doctors and learned from millions of anonymized medical records.

  • Private. Privacy and anonymity are central to how K was designed. K is HIPPA and GDPR compliant.