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We’re Hiring 500 Doctors

Updated: Mar 25

Coronavirus is changing the way the world does so many things, and how people communicate with primary care doctors is no exception.

Despite the fact that ERs are overwhelmed, primary care physicians are actually seeing decreased demand for in-person consultations due to social distancing. How can the medical community deliver the guidance and care that people need during this uncertain time, without making the problem worse?

The answer is simple - telemedicine. And not just any telemedicine, but cutting edge telemedicine that leverages scalable technology to reduce patient wait times and provide smarter health insights.

Here at K Health, we’ve seen demand to connect with a doctor through our platform triple in a matter of weeks, and suddenly the supply side of our business has some catching up to do. Today, we’re announcing that we hope to hire 500 doctors by the end of the 2020 to meet the exponential growth of demand for virtual consultations.

In this new normal we’re all navigating, there’s no question that telehealth platforms like K will be the preferred format for engaging with a primary care doctor for more and more people. So if you’re a doctor, or know one, who wants to do more to help more people, please have them apply to join us here.


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