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Introducing K For Parents

Updated: Jan 9

Chelsea Johnson, MD, FAAP, Associate Director of Pediatrics and David Shafran, MD, Head of Pediatrics

At K Health it has always been our mission to bring quality and affordable health care to all. We’re so excited to introduce K for Parents, a first-of-its-kind pediatrics solution that now enables us to provide virtual care for the whole family. K for Parents connects the intelligence of thousands of doctors, millions of patients, and hundreds of parents to provide free answers about your family’s health, 24/7. Plus, families can connect to doctors instantly for quicker sighs of relief.

We sat down with two of K's leading pediatricians, Dr. David Shafran who joins us from the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Chelsea Johnson, a veteran pediatrician from Children's Mercy Hospital. They discuss why they are so excited about launching K's innovative pediatric solution:

What excites you about the launch of K for Parents?

Dr. Johnson: Now parents and their kids can get the care they need on their own time, at home, so that they can prioritize in-person visits for the right reasons, like getting vaccines. This means whether a family is on vacation, at a grandma's house, or worried in the middle of the night, we can provide peace of mind without copays, traveling to in-person care sites, or that inevitable waiting room.

What needs to change in terms of how people interact with their doctors and medicine in the future?

Dr. Shafran: Patients should not have to bear the cost or inconvenience, not to mention the infection risk, of trekking to a doctor's office for relatively minor medical concerns. Technology like the one being developed at K is able to meet patients where they are, while making space for doctors in hospitals and offices to allocate their focus where it's more needed.

Dr. Johnson: I agree. In my prior role in the pediatric emergency department at Children's Mercy Hospital, I was so frustrated with not being able to assist families in determining whether a concern needed emergency care before arriving at the ER. So many families needed simple medical advice and timely answers, and K for Parents offers that right away, when the concern first arises.

What do you think people don’t understand about virtual health care?

Dr. Shafran: We’ve proven that remote care can be done compassionately and personalized to the concerns of the child and parent. Our parents are realizing now that a doctor does not need to always physically see their child to help. In the most common cases, doctors can use pictures and clinical reasoning alone to deduce what's going on with a child and provide great treatment and advice. We've been able to do this with tremendous success, while maximizing the comfort of parent and child at home.

What’s the biggest impact this will have for medicine?

Dr. Shafran: We’re solving some of the most fundamental problems in healthcare by rejecting the concept that care cannot be affordable, accessible, and high quality simultaneously.

Dr. Johnson: Our virtual care solution has already reached so many families who do not have access to immediate, quality care, many of whom would have otherwise ended up in the Emergency Room or delayed treatment.

What’s your goal for K for Parents?

Dr. Shafran: I'm so excited about three things in particular:

1) Provide affordable access to children that might not otherwise have it;

2) Immediately address a concern, so we can prevent serious medical events that occur due to a delay in seeing a healthcare provider; and

3) Work symbiotically with in-person doctor visits to make those more effective for parent, doctor, and child.

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