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What Does It Mean If My State Is Declared to Be in a “State of Emergency”?

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

by Dr. Allon Mordel, MD

Medical Director, K Health

More and more places in the U.S. are declaring a “state of emergency.” This term can be scary so here’s what it really means for you if you live in one of these areas.

The meaning of this varies by state, but generally speaking a “state of emergency” grants a Governor certain financial and regulatory freedoms to focus on the crisis at hand. It gives the Governor and State access to Federal funding and resources that will provide hospitals, schools, and other important systems the support they need to function. It also allows the Governor to forgo certain State and Federal laws and regulations in order to more efficiently address the emergency. Think of it as giving the Governor a mandate to cut through red tape.

Photo by Kit Suman

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